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Airport Security (11.2.6)
Available languages:
German, English
Valid for:
Validity period to complete the training:
180 days

For more information:
06145 59991-23

Airport Security (11.2.6)

Training of persons other than passengers requiring unescorted access to security restricted areas.

People who require unaccompanied access to security zones must complete training in security awareness, which means that this training is the prerequisite to being issued an airport security badge.

The following topics are covered in detail:

Overview of the subject of terrorism
Security and access control systems
Security of baggage and cargo
Pre-boarding screening
Aircraft security and searches
Security on the ground and in-flight
Weapons and prohibited articles
Other security-related areas and measures

The contents of the course comply with Sections 11.2.6. of the Annex to Regulation (EU) 2015/1998. At the end of the course the participant must take a test which is made up of questions on all aspects of the course. Should the participant not pass at the first attempt, he/she has the possibility to repeat the test up to two times.

The online training course is approved by the Hessian Ministry of Economy, Transport and Urban and Regional Development (HMWVL)

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